Private Lessons

Since 2008, I have been actively teaching private saxophone lessons to students of all ages with a focus on sound development, technique, music theory, and improvisation. Each student's lesson plan is custom-built to match the student's needs and abilities. The lessons will always have something new and fun for the student while maintaining a challenging, disciplined routine to keep the student moving forward.

I am currently offering in-home lessons in the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts as well as video lessons via FaceTime or Skype. Contact me for rates and availability as well as any questions you may have.

Happy playing!



What does a student need for saxophone lessons?

  • A saxophone, mouthpiece, and reeds

  • A quiet, generally undisturbed room, where we have permission to play music (e.g. landlords, neighbors, roommates, etc.)

  • A willingness to occasionally purchase books and materials to be used in the lesson

  • Most importantly, an eagerness to learn!

Preferred but not required:

  • A music stand

  • A way to play recorded music from a CD player, iPod, iPhone, laptop or desktop computer, etc.


Recommended materials for students with no prior saxophone experience 

  • A student model saxophone. These will usually come with a mouthpiece and ligature

  • A Yamaha 4C saxophone mouthpiece, if your saxophone does not come with one

  • Orange Box Rico Reeds Strength: 2.5

  • A neck strap with padding

  • Essential Elements 2000 for Saxophone Books 1 & 2

  • A book of your choice (e.g. Movie Play-a-long, Pop Hits, Musicals, etc.)

  • A digital metronome